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Re: [Slackware Linux] - ChangeLog

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Wed May 19 08:58:23 UTC 2010 pisze:

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Slackware 13.1 x86 stable is released!
Lots of thanks are due -- see the RELEASE_NOTES and the rest of the
ChangeLog for credits.  The ISOs are on their way to replication,
a 6 CD-ROM 32-bit set and a dual-sided 32-bit/64-bit x86/x86_64 DVD.
We are taking pre-orders now at store.slackware.com, and offering
a discount if you sign up for a subscription.  Consider picking up
a copy to help support the project.  Thanks again to the Slackware
community for testing, contributing, and generally holding us to a
high level of quality.  :-)
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