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Re: [Slackware64 Linux] - ChangeLog

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Wed May 19 08:58:23 UTC 2010 pisze:

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Slackware 13.1 x86_64 stable is released!
Lots of thanks are due -- see the RELEASE_NOTES and the rest of the
ChangeLog for credits.  The ISOs are on their way to replication,
a 6 CD-ROM 32-bit set and a dual-sided 32-bit/64-bit x86/x86_64 DVD.
We are taking pre-orders now at store.slackware.com, and offering 
a discount if you sign up for a subscription.  Consider picking up
a copy to help support the project.  Thanks again to the Slackware
community for testing, contributing, and generally holding us to a
high level of quality.  :-)
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Re: [Slackware64 Linux] - ChangeLog

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Yes, it is that time again! After well over a year of planning,
development, and testing, the Slackware Linux Project is proud to
announce the latest stable release of the longest running distribution
of the Linux operating system, Slackware version 14.1!